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If you live within the City of Canfield, Canfield PD provides your policing services.  Canfield Township residents receive policing through the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department.  The Sheriff’s Department has an office near the center of town (Post 1) and the Ohio State Patrol Post (Post 50) is also in Canfield.  As a result, it’s not uncommon to see cruisers from each of the three agencies when traveling in the area.

Canfield PD Boundaries

As always, in an emergency situation please call 911.

The location of the accident will determine which agency (Canfield PD, Mahoning County Sheriff, Ohio State Patrol) should respond to the call. 

Accidents on the roadway or on private property within the City of Canfield can be handled by one of our officers.  In the unfortunate instance that you are involved in a traffic accident, please be prepared to provide identification, proof of insurance, and a statement to the responding officer(s).

If your vehicle is damaged and cannot be operated, you may require the service of a towing company.  This is considered a “private tow” and the company is NOT selected by Canfield PD. 

Please drive safe!

Canfield officers issue tickets for Canfield Mayor’s Court, Mahoning County Juvenile Court, and Mahoning County Court #5.  The ticket will be filed in the court selected at the top of the ticket.  The top of the ticket also shows the court date assigned.  Tickets filed with Juvenile Court or Mahoning County Court #5 may list the court date as “To Be Set.”  Please contact the court for your court date.

Ticket 03

Yes, Canfield police officers can assist with a locked vehicle. Contact our dispatch center at (330) 533-4903 and they will be able to direct an officer to your location. Once on scene, the officer will be able to attempt to unlock the vehicle. Please note that while they have a high success rate, there is no guarantee that they will be able to unlock it.

While we highly encourage you to put forth your best effort to contact your loved one prior to contacting us, our police officers can perform what we call a “welfare check”. During a welfare check, an officer will go to the home and attempt to make contact with your loved one and verify that they are ok/render assistance.

Canfield PD is equipped with a Prescription drop box in the lobby of the building.  Residents may drop off expired or otherwise unneeded prescriptions 24/7.  Canfield PD is also a regular participant in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Take-Back Initiative.  DEA sponsors Drug Take Back Day several times a year aiming to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs.  We just ask that liquids and aerosols are not placed in the bin. 

All Canfield police officers are trained in CPR/AED and Narcan administration.  In cardiac arrests or situations that could result in cardiac arrest, it is critical to initiate chest compressions as soon as possible.  The officer may arrive before the fire department so they also carry an AED with them in the cruiser.  We train regularly with the fire department on these incidents.  There have been several times when the first defibrillation is performed by a Canfield police officer with their AED.

There are also certain medical emergencies in which officers enter prior to EMS to ensure the scene is safe for medical personnel. 

All Canfield PD dispatchers go through many hours of training and continuing education to remain certified as Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatchers.  Based on this training, Canfield PD dispatchers are able to provide callers with instructions that could possibly save a life, and have saved lives in the past.