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House Checks

House Check 

In order to assist in preventing crime, The Canfield Police Department will check on your house daily. If you are leaving your house for an extended period of time, officers will conduct a security check of your house while you’re away.

Officers will. . .

  • Conduct a perimeter check of your house
  • Visually inspect the doors and windows
  • Report and investigate any suspicious activity

If you wish to be placed on the House Check List, call the police department and supply the following information: 

  • Dates of departure and return. 
  • Contact information. 
  • Descriptions of vehicles which may be left in the driveway. 
  • Will lights be left on a timer at night? 
  • Is there a friend or relative who may be checking on the house or taking care of a pet?
  • Is there an alarm system activated? 

Call The Canfield Police Department at (330) 533-4903. 

**Upon returning home, you are required to notify police dispatch so we may remove you from the House Check List.**

House Check Request