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Gun Safety

Program Coordinator:  Sgt. James Conrad 

Project HomeSafe was created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in conjunction with a federal grant from the United States Department of Justice, to promote safe firearm handling and storage practices among all firearm owners in order to reduce the risk of tragic accidents, especially among children.  To accomplish this task, Project HomeSafe provides gun owners with firearm safety education materials and a free gun-locking device.

It is important to realize that locking devices are only supplemental safety devices.  They are to be used in combination with good firearms safety and storage procedures.  Gun locking devices are intended only to deter access to a firearm by unauthorized persons, particularly children.  These locking devices are not intended to withstand forced entry by an individual determined to defeat the lock by using tools or other aggressive means.

General Firearms Storage Tips:

  • Keep all firearms locked in a safe place, unloaded, and away from children and other unauthorized persons.
  • Store ammunition under lock and key, separately from firearms.
  • Read and understand owner’s manual for your firearm.
  • Utilize a firearm locking device on firearms when possible.

Gun Lock Safety Tips:

  • Keep cable and lock outside of trigger guard at all times
  • Push Cable into padlock until it locks securely. After removing key, tug on cable to ensure connection is secure.
  • Store key to the gun lock and the firearm separately. Be sure to store key in a location inaccessible to unauthorized persons, particularly children.
  • Do not work the firearm’s action with the lock in place. This may damage the lock and/or firearm.
  • Avoid putting the cable lock through the barrel when possible to avoid possible damage to the firearm
  • If the lock’s plastic coating becomes damaged or separated from the steel cable or lock face, replace the lock immediately.

General Firearms Safety Tips:

  • Treat all firearms as if loaded.
  • Never point your firearm at anything you are not willing to shoot.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you have acquired a sight picture and are ready to fire.
  • Be sure of your backstop….AND BEYOND!!!
  • Never allow children to handle or discharge firearms unsupervised.

In case of accidental discharge where injury occurs…DIAL 911 immediately for emergency medical assistance!!!